Announcement for 1/23/16

Hello RoC Family!

Friday: Youth Praise Ministry at 7 p.m.

Sabbath School: 10:45 a.m.
Cradle Roll: Helen/Irene 
Kindergarten: Esther Lee 
Primary: Sue Kim
Juniors: Yoomi 
Youth: Steve Kim

Adult Sabbath School: Dan Lee
Lesson 4 Conflict and Crisis: The Judges

The time of the Judges was a chaotic period in sacred history. God’s people did evil in the sight of the Lord, the Lord “sold” them into the hands of an oppressor, the people cried out to the Lord, and the Lord raised up a deliverer who brought peace to the land. That is, until the same sad cycle started again. Shall we study about Deborah? About Samson? How about Samuel? How about Ruth? What does the beginning of the book of Samuel have to do with the great controversy? There is no obvious threat to the created order, and there are no vast armies at the border. The attack of evil is more subtle but no less real.

No matter our home life, good or bad, we are responsible for whom we serve in the great controversy. Whatever mistakes you may have made, why must you always remember that today, now, is never too late to make it right with the Lord? Tomorrow might be too late, but not today.

Let’s study this together! Come on into the Adult Sabbath School classroom at 10:45! You won’t want to miss the lesson led by Dan Lee!

Main Worship: 11:45 a.m.
Welcome: Brent Lee 
Praise: Frank Jin
Offering: Religious Liberty 
What is RL? It’s Freedom to Believe! 
The Seventh-day Adventist church strongly believes in religious freedom for all people. A person’s conscience, not government, should dictate his or her choice to worship—or not!

Children’s Story: James Kim 
Speaker: Elder Ken Pak 
Jesus’ Ministry

Fellowship Potluck: Group 3


Next Sabbath is Communion Sabbath! This is a special time when we are connected not only with the Lord who saved us but also with each other as we share testimonies and foot washing service.

Revival Weekend with Pastor Jonathan Park Feb. 5-6th. Please save this date! Friday evening worship together at 7:30 p.m.

Please forward your prayer requests. We would like to be prayer warriors for our members. Please email all your praises and requests.

Sanctuary Flower: If you have a special joy, celebration, or remembrance, please consider selecting a Sabbath to sponsor our weekly floral bouquet. Just sign up at the wall flower calendar and designate which day you would like to donate. Thank you for your those who have already signed up!

Church Membership Transfer: Do you need to transfer your membership this year? Please see Sue to get this done!

Are you part of a small group? Do you want to be? Do you want to lead one? Please talk to Andy Oh on how you can be part of this important aspect of Christian living!